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About Us

Our mission at P.A.L Helicopter Services is to provide a professional and honest service to the helicopter industry.

We offer a comprehensive list of services from advertising to helicopter maintenance and spare parts sales.


With a wealth of experience associated with the technical and operational aspects of Robinson Helicopters, we can provide our customers with specialist advice encompassing sales, pre-purchase, maintenance, training and spare parts for the R22, R44 and more recently the R66.


We have developed business relationships with companies and individuals on just about every continent across the globe, therefore we can rely on local knowledge and experience to provide our customers with the reassurance and the peace of mind required when conducting business internationally.


"Our open and honest approach to business means that our customers benefit from a crystal clear business experience. The helicopter industry is a complex market and therefore we have developed industry partners across the globe which allows us to quickly, effectively and reliably obtain the information we require and in turn we can furnish our customers with a clear solution to their helicopter related requirements."


Piotr Kedzierski


Managing Director

P.A.L Helicopter Services Ltd.

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